Our mission is to help you experience God through meaningful worship, small groups, mission and outreach.

We believe that God is active in us and through us. We learn and teach so that we can all deepen our connection to God. We use our hands and our checkbooks to change lives in our community and the world. We seek to involve everyone in some way, and we hope you can find a way to be a part of what God's doing.

We are a collection of people of many different backgrounds and beliefs, political affiliations, opinions and strengths. We work hard to get along, learn and grow together.

We follow the Wesleyan tradition of the Quadrilateral to learn and experience God: We draw on Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience to better understand God and the world. We study the Bible using all the tools we have-- we don't look at it through a literal 21st century lens. We know the Bible was written in another time for people of another culture, and it takes careful study and interpretation to understand what God and the authors intended it to mean for us today.